Animation (remote)

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We're looking for character animators of varying levels of experience to provide remote support for future projects.

The job:

  • Efficient, confident animation style for cartoony characters
  • Animate dramatic character performances
  • Animate vehicles, props, cameras and other scene elements as necessary

Must have:

  • Two years production experience (minimum)
  • Experience with Maya
  • A legitimate Maya license

We welcome UK, EU and international applications.

If you would like to be considered please be prepared to give us an idea of your cost expressed in seconds of approved animation.

I appreciate that this can vary from project to project so you can use this as a benchmark for quality expectation. (password:OA5pt$h1). 

We supply roughly posed layouts and would expect approval at rough blocking, blocking and polish stages. In the example given our in house team were hitting 1.6 secs/day.